Disciplines — Identity / Editorial / print
Date March 2017 — Pass
This project was a response to the ISTD’s ‘Fickle Fads and Dedicated Followers of Fashion’ brief, My initial response was to focus on the use of jargon in our language. Jargon isn’t quite simply a few words or phrases used between a few people within the same environment or work place necessarily. It’s a lot more; it spreads like a rash becoming part of our everyday conversation creating incoherent meaning or understanding of what is being communicated which actually ends up not making sense. Jargonary is shorthand dictionary book explaining what is jargon? Who use it and why jargon is unnecessary and does not need to be used in conversing with one and another.
The piece I have created looks at business jargon, the terms and phrases used within the business environment. The format is designed to be small, acting like a guide aimed at young business people going into the profession. Book explains the mumbo jumbo of business jargon to a new person enrolling into a business firm. Pointing out the unnecessary use and meanings behind many of the business jargon phrases. Book is printed with two main colours, red used for hierarchy subheading and black for the body copy, with visual pauses in between each chapter.
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