Disciplines — Identity / Exhibition Design
Date September—December 2018
Upstarts is a mentorship programme run by ICAD. It introduces young creative to the industry, paring participants with mentors, setting briefs to develop their thinking and providing exposure to the creative industry. The purpose of this brief was create a meaningful and recognisable identity for the ICAD Upstarts 2018 Exhibition programme.
My response was to create an identity that would be bold, graphic and visually recognisable. The typeface Ballinger by Singalfoundry was used for the running taglines in promoting the programme. With the three running taglines advocating that the Upstarts participants are ready.
Ready, Steady & Go!    Ready, Aim & Fire!    Ready, Willing & Able!
With the final tagline emphasising that they are ready for anything, willing to do anything and are able to do anything.
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